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About Us

We improve quality of life

DEM4 laboratory is engaged in research, development and manufacture of products for sustaining the healthy lifestyle.

The main objective of the laboratory is to assure the high quality of life. DEM4 moves along to attaining that objective with its innovative approach, clear specialization attitude and flawless quality of its products developed with participation of skilled experts.

The main treasure of the laboratory are its super-professional researchers, production specialists, managers and market experts. All of them, while working for research establishments and manufacturing companies of America, Europe, Asia, at the same time have the status of residents in DEM4.

Robotic Lab Assistant

Human nature is a core

The overall mission of DEM4 laboratory is quite specific: defining most rapidly and exactly essential needs of a modern human being and offering optimal, socially and environmentally sound ways of meeting them.

This is accomplished by efficient consolidation of efforts by high-class specialists, professional teams and production concerns meeting strict requirements of the Vision standard, the concept of social and environmental accountability.

Our Tests

Our product development stages:

  • when developing each formula we carefully and thoroughly study properties of every ingredient;

  • we cooperate with universities and international scientific organizations in Europe, America and Asia;

  • among our researchers there are specialists in quite different trades working in diverse fields of science depending on the product intended purpose;

  • product formulas of the flawless quality are compiled according to European standards and scientifically sound clinical practice;

  • there is a qualitative difference from market analogues;

  • our teams of specialists compile relevant directories of ingredients that include information on technological production solutions, purifying materials and making chemical analyses.

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