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Innovative Technologies in Health Care

DEM4 laboratory is engaged in research, development and manufacture of products for sustaining the healthy lifestyle.


We see ourselves as pioneers of a new way of understanding personal health, growth and well-being. We believe that a revolution is needed in how humanity understands lifespan and aging; the current limits need to be reset. This can only be done by uniting the most natural, holistic health giving elements with the very latest in cutting edge science.


DEM4 is a virtual, pan-global open laboratory founded to facilitate innovation and the exchange of knowledge in order to create cutting edge, holistic health solutions. Our vision is to be OPEN, open to the free exchange of ideas, open to innovation and open to our customers.

We stand for

DEM stands for direct effect management; this is an open model for scientific exploration and development whose function is to ensure the delivery of solutions that provide direct, innovative and lasting results.

4 represents the directions of the compass, reflecting the  global perspective and reach of our operations.


We use this revolutionary approach to produce superior health and wellbeing solutions that improve both the longevity and the quality of our customer’s lives.

At DEM4 all of our products are certified following only the most stringent industry standards, guaranteeing that only products of the highest quality, safety and effectiveness make it to market.

Science dialog creates products

Every new discovery is the product of a dialogue between experts from a number of disciplines. By combining international expertise, we enable scientific research to progress in new directions and to develop unique product (food supplement) concepts and formulas. 


We have developed:

High end food supplements production

Through cooperation of technology and science we are capable of producing highest quality, complex food supplements with optimal formulas for everyday use. Our efficiency is guaranteed through our experience and long lasting track record.

Our products
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